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Simple Style Tips for Shorter Women

Dressing to best accentuate your figure can be quite difficult, especially if you’re on the shorter end of the height spectrum. It can be tough to find styles that work well and highlight a short figure, as many styles are made for tall, slender models. If you’re a shorter woman who is struggling with finding the right style, following a few simple tips can help make all the difference in your wardrobe and overall style.

Shop at stores that carry petite size items.

Unfortunately for shorter women, shopping can be quite difficult as most clothing items are created for a standard, and sometimes unachievable, figure. Shopping at stores that offer petite clothing items is a great way to find clothes that fit a shorter silhouette.

The White House Black Market offers an array of petite tops and blouses, allowing shorter women to fill their shopping bag without worrying about whether something as simple as a sleeve length won’t fit properly. For petite shoppers who are looking for the best deals, the White House Black Market also offers total purchase discounts, free shipping, and final sale items that are significantly reduced from the original ticket price. The White House Black Market guarantees that their petite size items will provide shorter women with the perfect fit. If you’re on the shorter side of the spectrum, be sure to head over to White House Black Market today and find your perfect shirt, as they offer stylish petite sweaters, long sleeve blouses, and short sleeve tops.


Consider your proportions.

Being short doesn’t mean that you’re shaped like other petite women. For example, some women may be the same height but their legs and torso lengths may be significantly different. It’s important to recognize your proportions in order to determine which styles will help you accentuate your petite figure. Having longer legs may mean that you look better in certain styles than another woman who is the same height but has a longer torso. So be sure to take this into account next time you go on a shopping trip.


Wear the right pants.

For shorter women, fitted pants often look better than a wide-leg style. This is because a wide-leg pant doesn’t accentuate the leg and makes petite women appear shorter. Opting for a high waisted pant that is fitted at least in the thigh area will allow you to highlight your legs and even seemingly appear a little taller. Following this tip will help you accentuate your figure and will do wonders for your silhouette.


Choose skirts that sit above the knee instead of below.

Skirts are such a convenient style, so it’s important to make sure you know how to properly shop for skirts as a petite woman. The best skirt styles for short women are the skirts that sit above the knee or just at the knee. This allows your legs to remain visible and will help create that taller illusion. Unfortunately for petite women, maxi skirts create the illusion that you’re shorter than you really are and also make you look quite boxy. So if you’re looking to wear this style, be sure you find a skirt that has a slit in the leg, as it will help elongate your legs and help you appear taller.


Find a great tailor.

Since not every style offers a petite option, it’s a good idea to have a tailor. Having a tailor allows you to shop outside of petite size items and have them altered to be your perfect fit. If you feel like you’ve found the perfect shirt, but the fit or sleeve length is failing to do your figure any good, a tailor can fix it right up to make sure it is the perfect fit and look like you were made to wear it.


The right shoes are the key to any outfit.

As a petite woman, you want to make sure you properly accessorize and always have the right style shoe. Regardless of how nice your outfit may be, it’s possible that the wrong shoe style may ruin the outfit. When shopping for boots, shorter women should try to opt for ankle boots instead of knee-high boots. As for heels, petite women will look great in any height and will look the best in a pointed toe.


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