Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

5 Ways to Improve Your Sex Life Overnight: A Woman’s Guide


Are you trying to improve your sex life overnight?

Let’s face it: dating is hard, and it’s especially hard in the middle of a global pandemic. However, modern problems require modern solutions and this year could be the perfect time to spice up your bedroom and love life with the help of California Dolls. Here are five tips to improve your sex life overnight.

Skip the Meet-Up and Ditch the Dating Apps

Meeting up with your mystery man may not be a viable option for most right now as safety and health concerns continue to grow globally, so why not bring the date to you? Avoid awkward first-date jitters without sacrificing your sex life with one of California Dolls’ male sex dolls. Did you think sex toys were just for men? California Dolls offers a variety of customizable high-end sex dolls that can simulate exactly what you’re looking for in a partner, and they will ship him discretely right to your door in affordable monthly payments, too.

Try Something Out of Your Comfort Zone


Worried about performance anxiety? Try something (or someone) out of your usual comfort zone to expand your sensual horizons. Sometimes engaging with a new partner can be intimidating, or maybe you’re just not looking for a committed relationship right now. Regardless, you will be worry-and-attachment-free with a male, female, or transitioning sex partners customized just for you.

Introduce a Third Without Swapping Germs


Have you and your partner wanted to introduce someone new to your relationship or intimate moments, but you’re worried about maintaining your health and safety as well? Curb all anxieties and choose your new partner together. There are a variety of different body types, hair colors, ages, and races of dolls you can explore to make your third-party fantasy dreams come true.

If you’re looking for a new and sexy date idea with your current life—or sexual—partner, light some candles, put on your favorite music, and sit down together at a desktop or mobile device to browse the models available online that are just as varied and unique as each curious couple’s specific needs, preferences, and intimate tastes.

Treat Yourself to a High-Quality Gift

Just because you are social distancing doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a healthy and fulfilling sex life. Embrace the gift of intimacy and companionship while also treating yourself to high-quality, FDA approved medical grade M-TPE (not silicone) material that mimics the natural look and feel of a true human being.

Reach out into the night and be met with the soft touch of skin-like material of the world’s first male sex doll or any of the other various models available online now. You deserve to have that long-lasting relationship everyone is looking for, and the overall quality of each and every doll is guaranteed to last you years of happiness and pleasure together while also maintaining realistic flexibility that is durable to the test of time.

Make Your Dream Man Come to You


The craftsmen at California Dolls sculpt each realistic doll to your specific tastes and fantasies, and they can do this at a price that is pleasing to you, too. You can have your new robot boy-toy shipped discreetly to your door for free international shipping, and make monthly payment installments that cost less than a fancy date night out on the town.

Each model available through the website comes with a detailed background story that will help put you in the mood while you get more familiar with your new partner. Specific measurements of your potential partner can also be found in an easy-to-read description under each model’s profile online.

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