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5 Signs It’s Time to Call a Plumber

It could be a simple clog or it could be something serious going on with your entire plumbing system. Ultimately, how do you tell? Unless you’re a professional plumber, chances are you might not have the know-how to diagnose an issue. Sure, you can spot a leaky faucet but are you prepared for more advanced plumbing needs?

From blockage to a broken water heater, plumbing is complicated. If you’re unsure whether or not you need to call for plumbing services, there are a few key signs that you should keep an eye on.

1. Your sink is draining slowly.

While this could mean that you simply need a good drain cleaning, if you don’t know how to clear drain clog material, you may want to reach out to a plumber. Part of this is because, even if it’s the first time it’s happened, sink clogs could have many, many causes. Depending on where you live, finding a local plumber is as simple as doing an internet search for something like “Orange County plumbers.” Especially if you’re not comfortable acting as your own technician, calling a pro can help you solve a plumbing issue like sink draining at a reasonable price.

2. There’s no hot water.

While water heater problems are enough of a headache for the average homeowner, they can be even more complicated for commercial customers. Even if you’ve had a recent water heater install, brand-new fixtures can still act up. Luckily, for water heater repair on new fixtures, you’re likely under warranty. Otherwise, you’re going to need to look up some competitive prices for this particular plumbing emergency.

3. Your pipes have burst.

Speaking of a plumbing emergency, there are few things more serious in the plumbing industry than a burst pipe. This is most common during the winter months at a colder time of the day but can happen for almost any reason. If you don’t address the issue quickly, you could wind up with some serious water damage that can cause even greater costs. As a property owner, you may not be able to easily spot which pipes need attention. However, a plumbing repair tech with years of experience should be able to spot the cause of the emergency.

4. Your toilet keeps running.

While this may not be as big of an emergency as a burst pipe, it’s still a common plumbing problem. Sewer line backups are common culprits but, like a clogged sink, it can be difficult to pinpoint the cause of the issue. While a constantly running toilet may seem like a simple nuisance, you should keep in mind that it can also start raising your water bill. Though you might not notice it at first, those costs can quickly add up, as anyone in the plumbing industry can tell you. As a property owner, you have enough bills to cover as is. Don’t amp up your water expenses as well.

5. You’ve got standing water in the basement.

It could be a slab leak. It could be an issue with leaky air conditioning coolant tanks. It could even be caused by leaky pipes. While the former issues might require a call to a contractor or your HVAC services, the latter may require a pro. Though you might assume you can handle it with the help of a mask and a sump pump, you may need some emergency service if it’s a basement pipe. Whether you hop on Angie’s List or ask for a referral, don’t let the issue persist.

Though there are plenty of other reasons to call a plumber, these are some of the most common. Keep an eye out for leaks, clogs, and other plumbing issues. It can save you a lot of difficulty down the road.

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