Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

What You Need to Start Your Own Essential Oils Business

Following last year’s pandemic, not only are more Americans working remotely, but they’re starting their own home-based businesses in greater numbers. With home offices and online e-commerce shops becoming the “new normal,” it’s easier and more profitable than ever to turn your passion into a successful career. With that in mind, the essential oils business is booming, and many of the most popular online stores are run as small businesses by the owner’s home. If you’ve been considering making that jump into home-based entrepreneurship, here are some of the key ingredients you need to start your own essential oils business.

Your First Steps


Starting any small business is a challenge, but luckily, marketing essential oils have grown popular with such a large demographic that it’s become easier for beginners to both grow a customer base and find reputable distributors. Odds are that you want to start an essential oil business because you’re familiar with the product. If that’s the case, do some thorough online research of online bulk distributors selling the various scents, styles, and sizes of oils that you would purchase for yourself. If you relate to your own demographic, it’ll make it much easier (and much more fun) to select products for your customers and browse the many online shops, brick-and-mortar boutiques, and product conventions for possible wholesale leads.

In addition, doing this type of market research will give you creative ideas of how to build off customer needs. Studying how a fellow essential oil company conducts their business can be a true learning experience. Most importantly, remember that not all similar businesses are necessarily your competitors. Networking is a crucial element to find new and exciting products to sell, and essential oils have plenty of diversity in the market for you to find your niche. Also, many distributors offer starter kits, as well as discounts and wholesale prices for repeat purchases.

A Diverse Demographic

A great way to understand the demographic for essential oils is to know that many people buy those products as part of an overall healthy habit. Numerous wellness advocates stress the positive side effects of different oils for various ailments, and you can keep that in mind as you begin to diversify your inventory.

Believe it or not, the same customers that ask you the therapeutic benefits of oils for headaches and sleeplessness may also ask what is a natural diuretic for water retention? Some may seek recommendations for natural solutions for high blood pressure or other medical conditions, and as a small business owner, your research and tips may lead to customer loyalty. The best way to keep those holistic-minded customers returning to your online shop is to learn the aromatherapy benefits of apple cider vinegar, dandelion, juniper, and other natural scents that can be combined with your essential oils for overall health and wellness.

Marketing and Promotion


When it comes to promoting your new company and your own oils, there is plenty of room for creativity. Since you’ll be selling your products through an official website, consider taking the time to put up new blog posts throughout the week. This is an easy and fun way to reach out to your customer base, notifying them about new products and offering tips and promotional bonuses for visiting.

If you’re open to reaching out to other essential oil companies, or sellers of other items related to wellness and aromatherapy, forging mutually beneficial relationships with affiliate marketer networks that add friendliness over the competition can be a good step. As a business owner, never underestimate the use of social media, as creating profiles on multiple platforms for your shop will bring in just as many, if not more, customers to your company’s website.