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Headed to a Bridal Shower? 5 Gift Ideas That Aren’t Generic

If you are headed to a bridal shower, it’s hard to think of gifts that aren’t the generic hand towel or set of wine glasses that are so customary to give to brides to be. Whether the bride is a close friend or a coworker, you want your bridal shower gift to be unique and memorable. 

Additionally, you want your gift to be something the bride will actually use, rather than a knick-knack that will end up in her attic or basement for the rest of her life. If you are looking for great gift ideas that aren’t humdrum or generic, here are five excellent ones. 


1. A Photo Storage Or Sharing Device


If you want to give the bride something she will actually use and cherish, consider purchasing her photo storage and sharing device, such as ibi from SanDisk. ibi can store over 250,000 photos or 100 hours of video, making it a highly functional way for your bride friend to store tons of photos and media from her special day and her honeymoon adventures. 

Reviews of ibi praise its easy setup and cost-effective storage as compared to traditional cloud storage as some of the best selling points for the device. Giving ibi is a great idea if your bride friend loves to hold on to memories and share them with friends and family.

 2. Special Champagne Or Spirits

If you’re going to a bridal shower to celebrate, do it in style and class with a bottle of fine champagne or spirit. Whether she wants to pop the bottle right then or wait until the night of her wedding to indulge, she will think of you fondly as she appreciates the luxurious drink.

3. Tickets To An Upcoming Event



One of the best gifts you can give anyone regardless of the occasion is access to a special experience. If you are local to the bride, keep an eye on the events and concerts that are coming to your town. 

If you know that she is a foodie, for example, you may want to buy her and her groom tickets to a food and wine festival that celebrates local dishes and restaurants. If she loves live music, consider getting her tickets to a throwback band or a classy string quartet.

4. A Healthy Self-Care Day



If she’s a busy bride, odds are she really needs some downtime to have a self-care day. Consider buying her a spa package, or paying for her to get a spray tan in Scottsdale. Spray tans are safer than tanning beds, as you do not have to come into contact with damaging light rays. Instead, she can enjoy the expertise and individual attention of the professionals at Z Bods who will make sure she is glowing on her big day. 

She can choose a customizable level of darkness for her skin, from light to dark. Many brides choose to get spray tans for their wedding days so that they do not look washed out by their white gowns. You may also want to consider gifting a bottle of self-tanning serum for her face since artificial tans fade from facial skin the fastest.

5. An Accessory For The Honeymoon



If you know where she’s going on her honeymoon, a good idea might be to get her a special accessory to take with her. If she and her beau are hitting the beach, consider a set of sunscreens and tanning oils with a cute beach towel. If they’re going on a cross-Europe journey, gift a nice pair of walking shoes to keep her comfortable and stylish the whole trip.

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