Fri. May 24th, 2024

Why It May Be Worth It To Invest in Gold

Gold is an everlasting alternative asset. The rare metal has been prized for its luster and regality for centuries and has been instrumental, at a minimum, in the expansion of the empire from time immemorial. Today, gold is utilized in high-tech wiring solutions, as well as in the investment portfolios of many, many accredited investor firms looking for an investment opportunity that provides an edge over the NYSE and their competitors. Ounces of gold is a great way to find this investment opportunity.

Just like real estate, ounces of gold provides unique stability to a portfolio during times of economic crisis—like the latest chaos in the stock market that’s been brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Investing in gold gives you the ability to effectively hedge against moments of weakness in the markets, and the collateral required for a low-cost loan in order to take advantage of a new investment opportunity.

Gold is simply one of the most versatile investment asset classes that you can buy into.

Gold bullion is a long-term hedging asset.


The most obvious way that investors take advantage of gold bullion is through long-term holding strategies. Precious metals of all types appreciate in value consistently, making them a great “buy and hold asset” for long-term capital growth. Hedging against the market is the smart play for anyone who trades in stocks or other commodities. Essentially, this is the ability to sell something at a profit, no matter what the market conditions are showing.

By creating a well-rounded portfolio of asset classes that fluctuate with low correlation to one another (or potentially a weighted portfolio with many asset classes sharing a high correlation), you can ensure that your balance of investments is always performing at a high standard. Gold-ounce assets provide unbeatable stability when it comes to creating this balance of asset classes.

Gold can be leveraged as collateral.


Unlike many other assets, that must be continually appraised for use as a collateral commodity, gold pricing and movement as a tracked and known quantity makes it a versatile investment that can be used for leverage as a borrower looking to take advantage of basement-level interest rates. For this reason, gold and real estate often go hand in hand for investors operating in North America. The interplay between these alternative assets is a default for many looking for an addition to stock market holdings through real estate investment and other asset class holdings.

Whether you are hoping to secure a home loan for a new real estate purchase or need fast cash for an emergency, your gold holdings can help you take advantage of many unique and powerful borrowing opportunities that remain out of reach for many other borrowers.

Gold isn’t just for the ultra-wealthy.


Buying into the gold market is accessible for any level of investor these days. Investment platforms, like Yieldstreet, make buying gold assets through a fund as simple as any stock trade. Yieldstreet is a powerful fund platform that gives investors access to a wide variety of alternative investment opportunities, as well as some familiar spaces that are favorites among the high net worth investor community.

Building your portfolio the way that millionaires do is standard practice nowadays, and investment platforms like Yieldstreet are facilitating this transformation. For more on Yieldstreet and the Yieldstreet Prism Fund, check out some reviews, investor data, and Yieldstreet complaints about a full picture of the fund’s offerings.

Invest in corporate entities through more traditional means.


Gold investors also get in on the action by investing in gold mining firms. The commodity is valuable as a precious metal, but also for its potency as a conductor of electricity and many other features. This makes gold mining outfits, like Alamos Gold, Turkey, a great investment for the retail investor looking to capture the market’s momentum. In addition to the asset itself, buying stock in the mechanized process for extracting, refining, and distributing the commodity is standard practice for any serious investor. This gives you the ability to lock in profit along with each phase of the asset’s journey.

Gold is a fantastic asset for any investor looking to branch out. Take the time to do your due diligence and get into the gold game in a manner that works for you.