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How to Plan an Awesome Birthday Party

A child's birthday party is an event everybody wants to be invited to. It's cheerful, full of yummies, and we still get a lovely surprise before heading home.

Though a child's party should be a reason for excitement, many last-minute party planners would disagree with that. It's a lot to work on and a lot to keep track of, but with enough preparation, coming up with ideas can be just as fun as the party itself.

You don't need to be a party planning professional to throw an awesome party for your child. However, there are a few things you should do in advance to avoid unplanned stress.

First Things First: Decide A Theme

There's nothing toddlers love more than having a party dedicated to their favorite hero, princess, or fictional character. At least a month before the party and even before setting a date, ask your child about the kind of party she wants. When you set a theme early, it's easier to find related party supplies, such as invitation cards, balloons, and decorations in general. Deciding a theme earlier also gives you enough time to order any supplies online, if needed.

If you know any good bakeries that specialize in personalized birthday cakes, don't hesitate to place an order at least a week before the party to make sure it arrives on time.

Write Up A Guest List

You don't necessarily need to invite your child's entire class to their party. Besides family members and family friends, the guest list should have your kid's closest friends only. It's better to let them choose which friends they'd like to invite, as they might not have a close relationship with all of their classmates. That's completely normal. Just make sure to approach every guest separately—those who weren't invited could be offended if your child hands out birthday cards during class, for example.

Try sending out invitations from four to two weeks before the party. This way, guests will have enough time to RSVP and you can make arrangements accordingly.

Set A Proper Location

The number of people you'll invite has to fit comfortably in the venue of your choice. If you opt for a smaller party with fewer guests, you could easily decorate your backyard for a beautiful and comfortable at-home party. It's a great opportunity for those of your child's friends who haven't been to your house yet.

For a larger party, however, there are a lot of party areas available for rent, such as this country club in Basking Ridge, NJ. But of course, you can find large, quality areas in your own state. Just be sure to research and book ahead of time.

Choose The Right Entertainment

You could book entertainers that fit the theme of the party or get creative with whatever your child likes. For example, for a princess party, you could hire a trained entertainer to dress up as a princess to play with all guests and pose for pictures. The same goes for heroes and other characters.

Or, you could be more traditional and hire magicians or clowns to entertain the kids. They're timeless, and kids love that stuff! Another great idea to keep guests having fun is to order a trampoline or bounce house where both kids and adults can have fun. Check out this Long Island bounce house and add extra fun to a special day.

Not to be a party-pooper, but whoever you hire to entertain the kids is most likely someone you don't know. Protect your kids. Visit golookup for a quick background check on the person who's getting into your home.

Don't Forget The Party Favors!

When it's time to go home, it's also time to thank guests for making your child's birthday special and fun.

You can never go wrong with goody bags. They're more than just a tangible "thank you"—they're packed with unexpensive items that'll remind all guests of what a great time they had. Whether you choose to fill them up with candy or little souvenirs, it's up to you. If the favors are related to the party theme, that's even better.

When it's party time, you'll see all the previous weeks of planning were worth it. Now, give yourself a pat in the back and have fun with your little one.

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