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Are Separate Birthday Parties Necessary After Divorce?

While suspicions of a cheating spouse and proven sexual infidelity are common reasons for marriages to end, other leading causes for divorce exist. Divorce-causing conflicts include communication issues, frequent arguments, growing apart, lacking the same vision of success, diminished intimacy, and financial disagreements. Domestic violence can also cause divorce. In such severe cases, and even under comparatively mild circumstances, people must ensure they can safely leave a relationship, and protect and support themselves and their children if they have any.

Estranged couples with children should consult legal professionals, such as those practicing at Johnson & Taylor LLC, to learn the basics of child custody. The legal experts at Johnson & Taylor LLC understand that the custody process and rules are different for married parents and unmarried parents. This personal injury and family law firm will assist parents with deciding if sole custody, joint custody, or temporary custody best fits their situation.

Courts handle divorce proceedings, which makes divorce records public information unless the court files divorce records under seal. Divorce records provide details about the reasons for a divorce, the parties involved, the location and terms of the split, and settlements such as child custody, property division, child support payments, and other legal aspects.

Internet users can find divorce records online using GoLookUp. GoLookUp is a free online information database that aggregates public data and makes it easy to access. Using GoLookUp, people can view contact and address information, arrest, police, and court records, mugshots, and marriage and divorce records for anyone in the United States.

Divorcing couples should remember that the ending of a marriage depends on individual and personal circumstances, and there’s no cookie-cutter way to handle marital conflict. Whatever the reason is for a divorce, some people may be unsure if they should stay or go. Some parents may try to remain in a marriage for the sake of their child or children, but the decision they make should have everyone’s best interest in mind. In some cases, divorces may impact a child’s academic performance and the way they socialize with other children.

Divorces don’t affect every family the same way; some children learn to cope with their parents’ split, while others don’t ever adjust.
Following a divorce settlement and custody battle, everyone involved will have to learn how to adjust to family events. For instance, holidays, a child’s birthday party, graduation, or any occasion following a divorce may be awkward for some children and divorced parents. Families may alter the way they observe events so children can spend equal time with both parents.

After a divorce, some people may believe separate birthday parties and celebrations are necessary because they don’t want to spend time with their former spouse. Divorced parents can be successful at planning joint events, only if they’re both comfortable with it. They can hold events at a neutral location, include both sides of their child’s family, and each pay half the costs.

It’s essential to continue having birthday parties or observing holiday traditions, as it can give children of divorced parents a sense of normality. Exes who have a comfortable co-parenting arrangement and can be civil around each other should be able to both attend their child’s birthday party. Former couples who have volatile or strained relationships, however, may need to have separate birthday parties to avoid ruining a child’s special day and adding stress and discomfort.

Some factors parents should consider when trying to decide how to celebrate their child’s birthday include their child’s age, how long ago their divorce was, and how comfortable or uncomfortable they might be in their ex’s and ex-in-laws’ presence.

People who can put their differences aside and celebrate their child’s birthday together should make sure they plan a memorable event that their child will enjoy. Hosting an outdoor event filled with music, food, games, and bounce houses is a surefire way for divorced and married parents to excite their child and ensure they and their guests have a great time. Clowns4Kids provides the best bounce house rentals NYC, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut have to offer.

A professional entertainment rental company, Clowns4Kids allows people to throw enjoyable events using top-of-the-line inflatable bounce houses and water slides, magic shows, arcades, arts and crafts, and more. Clowns4Kids’ party rental services and pleasant post-divorce family togetherness can reassure a child that they can handle their parents’ marital status change and enjoy quality time with them both.

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