Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

5 Tips to Move to Fort Lauderdale

Relocating anywhere can be a big transition for you and your family. Whether it’s for work, to be closer to family, or just to change things up, it can also be exciting to get a change of scenery. One place that is unlike any other is Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This beachfront city is a stone’s throw away from Miami and gives you the vibrant city life of a metropolitan area while engaging with art and culture. Not to mention the great climate and lack of state taxes!

As with any move, you’ll need to do some planning and preparation to have a hassle-free move. Not only are you moving all your belongings to a new home, but you also need to get used to the area and the culture you’re moving into. You have to say goodbye to a place that has been home for years and transition to a completely different place with different pros and cons. With excellent service, your next move can be a great experience and you can get settled into South Florida in no time. Here are just five tips to make your move to Fort Lauderdale easy for you.

1. Tie up loose ends at your previous location.

Before you can think about transitioning to a new location, you have to be ready to say goodbye to the old. This usually involves selling a home and/or tying up loose ends at a job. As you pack up your possessions, you also want to be sure your old home is in the best condition. Bring in cleaners, get Labor Panes in Cary to help you with exterior maintenance, and make sure your finances are settled before you plan your move. If you do a great job on your previous home, it should sell without any problems and you can get ready to move your valuables to your new home in Fort Lauderdale.

2. Hire the right moving company.

A big move isn’t something you should do alone. With all your belongings, you should rely on the best moving company with years of experience. Even with a long-distance move, you can rely on local movers once you get to your location to do an excellent job helping you unpack. A Fort Lauderdale mover can help with packing services, storage service, and getting you settled in your new house. The whole moving process can be a breeze with the help of professional movers, giving you peace of mind that your items are safe and taken care of. From blankets and valuables to your drinking water delivery, the best movers will handle every piece of your move, customer satisfaction guaranteed.

3. Find the right neighborhood for you and your family.

As you are planning your move, you’re going to have to find a new place to live. Relocating long distances can be tricky because you don’t necessarily know the feel and vibe of each area yet. It can be beneficial to take a trip closer to your move date to look around at homes and apartments so you know what area may suit you and your family. Another aspect to consider is the traffic and commute to a new job. If you’re on one of the corporate relocations, chances are you’ll already know where the office is located. In a city like Fort Lauderdale that is often congested with traffic, you’ll want to be close to your work so you aren’t spending hours in the car each day. Know your vibe and what you’re looking for in a new home. Whether that is the historic district of Victoria Park, close to downtown in Tarpon River, or closer to the water by Colee Hammock, you’ll have plenty of great neighborhoods to choose from.

4. Prepare for a higher cost of living.

Looking for a new home can be exciting, however, you need to stay aware of the higher cost of living. South Florida in general is an expensive area of the country to live in thanks to the great climate and proximity to the beach. The overall cost of living in Fort Lauderdale is about 17 percent higher than the rest of the US and 15 percent higher than the rest of the state. This means you’ll be looking at spending around $1,200 a month for a one-bedroom apartment and over $300,000 for a home. Just be prepared as you plan your move that it may be a more expensive lifestyle living in this area.

5. Break out the beach gear and throw out your winter coats.

One of the biggest perks of living in Florida is the great weather that is consistent year-round. So as you’re packing, you may even be able to give away your hefty winter clothing items and break out the beach gear. Being right on the beach, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy all the benefits of a South Florida climate.