Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

3 Reasons You’ll Need Your Marriage Certificate

If you've recently gotten married, you're likely still in newlywed bliss and aren't really thinking about the importance of your marriage license later in life. Even so, marriage records are a vital resource for many people who are looking to enroll in new programs after they've been married. While not an exhaustive list, the three scenarios below are some of the most common times you'll be asked for your marriage records in order to prove that you were wed.

Health Insurance Coverage

When you're using the internet to compare one Medicare insurance quote to another, whether or not you're married is an important consideration. Being married may put you in range for different insurance benefits or premiums in a way that single individuals may not qualify. Beyond the kind of coverage you get, if you want your benefits to extend to your spouse you'll need to be able to prove that they are your legal dependent. Having a marriage license and record of your marriage helps to establish this fact legally. If you don't have legal documentation for your marriage, when you apply for medical insurance you may not be allowed to cover your partner in your plan. Having this proof is thus crucial if you want to share medical benefits with a spouse.

Financial Assistance

From cancer financial assistance to scholarships for graduate school, you may need to prove that you’re married in order to provide the full picture of your financial status. Keep in mind that the first time you file your taxes as a married couple, you may need to prove that your marriage is legal. These kinds of tax documents play a big role in determining financial eligibility for all sorts of assistance programs. Particularly for individuals seeking assistance for medical conditions like cancer, it's vital that everything is in order before you apply. This ensures that financial support that you qualify for doesn't get held up. As a result, it's always a good idea to keep your marriage records on file in case you need to provide extra proof.

Name Change

One of the most common reasons you'll need to prove you're married is to legally change your name. While it's common for a woman to take her partner's last name when she gets married, many men are also choosing to change their names when they get wed. Sometimes both members of the couple will hyphenate their last names, which necessitates a visit to the social security office. Once you've gotten everything squared away with social security, you'll also need to go to the bureau of motor vehicles and your bank to officially change your name. Having your marriage license and your new social security card is necessary if you want this process to go smoothly. This is one reason it's never a bad idea to get multiple certified copies of your marriage documents, since you and your spouse may need to visit different offices at different times.

As you can see, there are a variety of reasons and situations in which having your marriage records on file can make things a lot easier for you. Since some of these scenarios occur right after your wedding and others happen later in life if at all, it's a good idea to get multiple signed copies of your marriage license. Having the proper record appropriately sealed and notarized can save you a lot of trouble if you ever need your marriage records later in life. Since most government agencies require an original copy, it's a good idea to keep all paper copies in a fire safe. This ensures that you'll always be able to find what you need when you need it and you won't run the risk of it being destroyed in an accident or fire.

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